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Microdisplay solution

 Microdisplay solution


High Performance Display Controller for HD LCoS Micro-display

  • Description

    The RDC100 performs image processing and control, along with parallel data formatting, for driving a 0.5-inch 720P LCoS module (RDP501H).

    The RDC100 includes a very low-power, low-voltage-differential-signaling (LVDS) serialized interface for video data transport that minimizes the number of board interconnections and connector size, reduces electromagnetic emissions (EMI), and enables a lightweight and flexible cable link to a remote video source. Compatibility with standard LVDS drivers simplifies the system integrator’s task.

    The RDC100 interfaces with an LED driver via GPIO or option packet in LVDS interface. It sends strobes to indicate when each of the red, green, blue LEDs should be enabled or disabled, and command packets are used to control the brightness of the LEDs.

  • Features

    • Drives the RDP501H and external LED drivers
    • One LVDS Input Ports and Two LVCMOS Input Ports with pixel clock support up to 85MHz
    • Input image size: 1280x720(720P) / smaller image from CIS
    • Device Configuration Control Interface: I2C
    • Video Input (via IN_PORT1 or IN_PORT3):
    • 60Hz, 720P (VESA standard)
    • 2D, Mono, 3D (Frame-by-Frame, Side-by-Side)
    • Camera Input (via INPORT 2): ~ 30Hz, QVGA ~ 720P
    • Internal Memory Support: 200 MHz DDR SDRAM Serial FLASH via SPI interface
    • Video Output (via OUTPORT 1, OUTPORT 2):
    • 360Hz Field Rate
    • 800Mbps by LVDS interface
    • Include COMMAND and OPTION packet
    • Left image and Right image for 3D
    • System Control:
    • Programmable LED current control adjustment
    • Horizontal and Vertical image flip
    • Horizontal and Vertical image shift
    • Programmable Gamma correction
    • Programmable VCOM
    • Interfacing with RAONware
    • Power Sequencing
    • Packaged in 176-pin FBGA with DDR SDRAM, FLASH memory and MICOM

  • Applications

    • Head Mount Display
    • Head Up Display
    • Pico / Mini Projectors