Product Mobile TV SoC

Mobile TV SoC

 Mobile TV SoC


One-chip Receiver for T-DMB

  • Description

    MTV319 is a highly integrated SoC (System-on-Chip) T-DMB  receiver.  This device is composed of high performance RF front-end and demodulation part in a small-size single chip. This device supports various interfaces such as I2C, TSIF and SPI to make interface with external devices more flexible. In addition, MTV319 can reduce external component with good sensitivity, high linearity, wide dynamic range, and low power consumption, MTV319 is the best solution for T-DMB application.

  • Features

    • Mobile TV RF and Baseband one-chip solution
    • Superior system performance
    • Application in T-DMB
    • Auto-detect of transmission mode and guard interval
    • Automatic RF channel setting
    • Fast automatic channel acquisition and re-acquisition
    • Embedded on-chip de-interleaving memory for full 1.824Mbps data rate
    • Variable HOST interfaces support SPI, I2C, EBI2 and QUALCOMM’s TSIF
    • Supply voltage: 1.2V Core, 1.8 ~ 3.3V IO
    • Minimal external component
    • Ultra low power consumption
    • Ultra small size WLCSP package
    • RoHS compliant package

  • Applications

    • Digital TV for Mobile Phone
    • Low Power Portable TV, PDA, PMP, Car Navigation and USB Applications
    • Combo (DVD, STB etc)