Product Mobile TV SoC

Mobile TV SoC

 Mobile TV SoC


One-chip Receiver for ISDB-T/DVB-T

  • Description

    MTV231/232 is a highly integrated SoC (System-on-Chip) ISDB-T /Tmm, 1seg, Full-seg, Tsb and DVB-T receiver.  This device is composed of high performance RF front-end and demodulation part in a small-size single chip and optimized with minimal external component.

     This device supports SPI, I2C, MPEG2 interfaces. MTV231/232 support fast scan time with good sensitivity, high linearity, wide dynamic range, and low power consumption. MTV231/232 is the best solution for whole ISDB-T/DVB-T system with small size, low power and low cost.

  • Features

    • Mobile TV RF and Baseband one-chip solution
    • Superior system performance
    • Applications in whole ISDB-T standard as the ISDB-Tmm, 1seg, Tsb, Full-seg and DVB-T
    • Support Band: 76~108MHz, 174~245MHz, 470~806MHz
    • Support wide Dynamic range
    • Internal power on reset
    • Auto-detect of transmission mode, guard interval and spectrum inversion
    • Automatic RF channel setting
    • Fast automatic channel acquisition and re-acquisition
    • Fast Scan time
    • Embedded on-chip de-interleaving memory
    • HOST interfaces support: SPI, I2C
    • MPEG2 TSIF of TS data and support multi-TS output mode
    • Compatible to QUALCOMM’s TSIF
    • Supply voltage: 1.2V Core, 1.8 ~ 3.3V IO
    • Including two internal LDOs
    • Minimal external component
    • Single RF Input application for VHFL, VHFH and UHF
    • Ultra low power consumption
    • System Clock 19.2, 32, 36 MHz
    • RoHS compliant package

  • Applications

    • Digital TV for Mobile Phone
    • Low Power Portable TV, PDA, PMP, Car Navigation and USB Applications
    • Combo (DVD, STB etc)